Money Raised in 2010:  $79,312

Grant received by the Children's Center- $105k

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The Event
Parchment 2011

Circus Couture 2011



The Event begins with a Cocktail Party and Art Auction. As with all aspects of Circus Couture, the proceeds will go to meet The Goal!


Paintings, Sculptures, Photographs, and other amazing art pieces have been donated for the auction, as well as amazing travel, dinner, and nightclub packages.


The Main Event, the Performance and Fashion Show, takes the talents of Dancers, Acrobats, Aerialists, and other Performers and twists them together with the sleek svelte bodies of the runway models.


The Evening culminates in a fashionable, circus of an after party, where all of the performers, artists, and models mix with all you generous people.


The proceeds from Circus Couture are donated to make a life changing difference. Find out more on this website about The Cause!